• Howard Putnam – State Legislator
  • W. F. Burns – school, gov., Church; Betty Bellamy – Teacher, City Historian
  • Dr. Vanita Baldwin – Director of Women’s Missionary Union-New Mexico, FL
  • Nancy Cummings – Community Educator more than 30 years
  • Toreatha Merrick Wood – First Woman Mayor; VC School Food Service Manager
  • Mac McGee – Deputy Sheriff; his son, Bill McGee – Program Manager, Johnson Control/PanAm on CCAFS, KSC. And Bill’s sons: Steve- Navy Commander/Sr. Combat Systems Program Manager; Mark- Operation Manager for Space Alliance,KSC; David- Veterinarian; Scott McGee- District Manager – Publix;
  • Julia Heizman – NSB 4.45 GPA Graduate 2008; PhD Microbiology; CDC Atlanta
  • James Vincent Alderman – USAF Pilot/Instructor -Japan
  • Todd Jones – CEO Publix
  • Jackie Johnson and son, Jackie Lee – NASA Engineers
  • Mike Renfro – Associate Program Manager for United Space Alliance
  • Wes Hutchinson -Electrical Systems Manager for Titian IV Program
  • Melissa Hutchinson Jones – NASA -Landing & Recovery Director
  • Leslie Hutchinson Coleman – Medical Director at Newman’s Veterinary Clinic
  • Eugene “Bo” Evans – BCC -‘73-‘76 Baseball; NSBMS teacher 25 years; his son,Vashion Eugene Johnson – University Girls Softball Coach, NC
  • Tim Merrick – Asst. Principal at NSBHS; his son, Tim, Jr. – Soccer Scholarship in NC, UCF
  • Daryl Dixon – U of FL football; Drafted by Colts; Now Coaching football at West Point
  • D’Cota Dixon – U of Wisconsin, 2014-2018; received “Most Outstanding Football player” award; 2017 Football Writers Association of Am Courage award; (Check out the YouTube video on D’Cota)
  • Jalen Merrick – U of Arkansas, Football – 2015-present
  • Darrynton Evans – Appalachian State University, Football – 2016-present
  • Darry Evans – Baseball Star; Oak Hill Commissioner and Mayor; Supervisor of Juvenile Justice 25 years.
  • Charles Beauchamp- Indiana University, Football – ‘88-‘91
  • Tim Beauchamp- U of FL,’95-98, National Champions; NFL- Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Canadian, European and Xtreme NFL; career State Law Enforcement.
  • Stanley Evans, Seminole Community College baseball ‘89-91; 10 years professional baseball: 6 years-Philadelphia Phillies; 4 years-Minnesota Twins
  • Graduating Seniors with Sports Scholarships: Emalee Payne – Volleyball at Pensacola State University.
  • Entering Military after graduation: A.J. Epperson and Josh Hibbard
  • (Josh also won 2 State Weightlifting Titles and Outstanding Youth Volunteer)

Salute to all our Veterans!

Now it’s our turn to move our community forward.